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Our Story

Once upon a time, the craft beer revolution happened.  Suddenly, there were breweries across the land making amber, brown, dark, hoppy and just flat out flavorful beers.  These beers were delicious, and for many years, a guy named Kevin sought out the best of them.

One day, Kevin got an idea.  He could learn how to homebrew and strive to make wonderful beer himself.  He had many friends and family members, brave ones, willing to try his experiments.  Many batches of homebrew came and went, but one day, these humble recipes started winning awards.

As he was getting older, Kevin's wife Jessica encouraged him to quit his day job and start a small brewery.  Baker City seemed like a fine place to do this.  During the big move, Kevin had to drive from Bend where he worked back home every week.  The final stretch of road, the most beautiful in Oregon, is known Highway 7. Travel north and you arrive in Baker City.

Now, the brewery and taproom are real and not just a dream!  Friends don't need to be as brave to try Kevin's fresh and tasty ales made with local Baker City barley.


There is no "I" in ale. We couldn't have made this dream come true without the donated time or funding from these individuals: Phil & Melanie Multop | Michael & Valerie Rogers | Josh Nagle | Mark Mushlitz | Matt Callahan & the CID team | Tim & Maille Multop | Connor & Linda Donahue | Jay & Shannon Mathisen | Dan & Colleen Multop | Matthew Multop | Austin Multop | Tom & Rhonda Pietrowski | Derick & Daphne Schultz | Mitch Stephens

Shout outs to the following for their industry advice and encouragement:  The brew crew @ Barley Browns | Jeff Schauland & Silver Moon Brewing Co. | Beachcrest Brewing Co. in Gleneden Beach, OR | Jeff & Glenn at the old Bend Brew Shop

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